The Tree of Life For REAL!!


And it all makes sense. Kemi people were so surreal.
The Original Man was unity. Of all of these things liftin up the Most High. I can't get mad at brothers that swear that they are everything... 'cause they are lol.

As a young lady I was rather perturbed with the idea that woman was made for man and vice versa, because I felt like it was such a cop-out, a route to an empty existence. But as a woman I love the fact that I get to be devoted to a GREAT man. My place in it all is love. So that's what I'm gonna bring.

YEP. We'll save the world, just you watch!

the seed.
The conditioned is the flower and the fruit
Knowledge is the branch
and the truth is the root
Look and see where the root is;
happiness shall be yours when
you come to the root
it will lead you to the branch, the leaf, the flower, and the fruit.

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